Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book the space for less than the minimum hours?

Yes, however, if the minimum is four hours whether you use the venue for one hour or four you will be paying the same price. Also, keep in mind minimum hours booked include load in, setup and strike (breakdown) time. For example, when booking The Meeting Room the meeting/event may only be two hours, but setup and breakdown could take a total of two hours as well (1 hour and 15 min. to setup and about 45 to breakdown).

Is there parking?

Short answer is YES! Even though we do not have a parking lot, there are options. 1. There is plenty of street parking. 2. We have the option of utilizing a private parking lot that's just a few steps from our front door, for an additional charge. 3. We offer valet services, at an additional charge. 4. We encourange ridesharing options. Carpool or Uber and Lyft.

Is there a kitchen?

No, we do not have a kitchen, therefore your food must arrive already cooked (catered, delivered, etc.). We have four chafing dishes you may use to keep your food hot, you must provide the fuel cans.

Why do you require event insurance?

Event insurance protects you against property damage or bodily injury related to your event; adding host liquor liability protects you from any alcohol related accidents caused by your guests during your event or once they leave the venue. Many homeowners or renters insurance will cover events outside of your resident, please speak with your insurance agent. We also recommend The Event Helper, we've found them to be reasonably priced. Visit

Is it mandatory to use a bartender if we're planning to serve alcohol?

Short answer "Yes" Our venue has to follow strict guidelines and having a licensed, insured bartender is one of them. There is an exception, if you are ONLY serving wine or ONLY serving champagne (including mimosas) AND your event is less than three hours in length we may make an exception; however, you still must add Host Liquor Liability to your event insurance. Please be advised if we detect any other liquor we will have to shut the event down and no refunds will be given.

How much is event insurance?

Depending on the event and the insurance company, it's ranges $70-$350. On average event insurance is about $105.

How much is a bartender?

If you are providing the alcohol our bartenders start at $125. If you'd like us to provide the alcohol the fee depends on the number of hours, types of alcohol provided and the number of people being served, bar packages start at $400.

Is security mandatory?

Providing security is on a case by case basis. We take the safety of your guests/attendees very seriously. For most events security is there before your guests arrive and after the event ends, making sure your guests get to their cars (or their Uber/Lyft) safely. Examples of when security is mandatory include: events/parties with amplified music and alcohol; teen events (sweet 16, Quinceañera, etc.); parties that go beyond 9:00 PM.

Do we have to use the venue's security?

Yes, our guys know our venue, staff and area really well. We want only the best for our hosts and their guests.

How much is security?

The price of security depends on number of guards and length of time. On average it's $210 per guard.

I know someone with a security company. Can I use them?

That's awesome, however we prefer to use our security service. We're always looking to expand our network, feel free to provide us with your prefered security service company's name, website and phone number so we can chat...maybe we'll be able to use them in the future.

I have a friend who's a licensed bartender. Can I use them?

That's great; however, our bartenders are licensed and insured with us. You'll love them. We are always looking to expand our network, feel free to pass on your friends information so we can chat...maybe we'll be able to use them in the future.